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The Back-Pocket Adventure

The idea here is to provide something to keep Chappie's game group from roaming the streets aimlessly, when he's on holiday, struck down with man flu or otherwise unable to make Tuesdays. The campaign will be episodic, but hopefully fun.

The system is D&D version 3.5 and the setting is a world I use for my Scype campaign, but hundreds of years in the past.....

The rules cover almost a hundred books, but thankfully some nice people have condensed the rules and put them on tintanet for all to see. Two of the better ones can be found by following the links below. Please note there are rules and feats we will not be using - lets keep it simple for Steve :-)

System Reference Document v3.5

Hypertext d20 SRD

You may also find the character sheet of use, you know when you can't see the numbers due to curry stains or doodles or if you have upset the DM and need to start again due to death. You can print and write on it in crayon or type in the boxes and print off

If you wish to display your character on this site, for all to see, please send the pdf to me.

The Cast

Lord Asreal Shackleton
Epic Fighter
Big Bird
Rick the Round
Epic Cleric/Sorcerer
Wizard/Rogue/ Sorcerer
Fighter/Dwarven Defender

I have made a few notes on the world you live in and you will find a list of the notable people, NPCs and creatures you have met. I have also put up the prophecy to help you on your quest.

I will update these as the game progresses.

Game Logs

Session 01 -The one in which we learn the rules and kill orcs.... Session 02 - The one in which an half orc paladin does something bad....
Session 03 - The one in which a stage coach goes for a ride.... Session 04 - The one in which a hobbit goes wild in a pub....
Session 05 - The one in which no pub is safe and we discover Asreal does not have light fingers.... Session 06 - The one in which we discover sleeping hobbits can't fly....
Session 07 - The one in which the party discover books burn and run away from a basilisk.... Session 08 - The one in which the priests gives to the poor and the party fights for money....
Session 09 - The one in which Asreal beats John the Bard to take gold and the party go shopping.... Session 10 - The one in which the party self explodes and descend in to the sewers....
Session 11 - The one in which John the Bard runs away and the Hobbit meets a smelly end.... Session 12 - The one in which good triumphed over evil, but at what cost....
Session 13 - The one in which we discover dwarves are not friendly.... Session 14 - The one in which the party go boating and free some slaves....
Session 15 - The one in which Smooth Beard gets his final shave.... Session 16 - The one in which the party fight for their lives, whilst the gnome plays cards....
Session 17 - The one in which the party is betrayed by a plastic garden gnome.... Session 18 - The one in which the party goes to the circus....
Session 19 - The one in which the party take up watercolours and the gnome tries to sell his soul…. Session 20 - The one in which the gnone loses at cards and Asreal grows up and up….
Session 21 - The one in which the the Rock Bard plays his last tune…. Session 22 - The one in which Rylarion becomes an idiot….
Session 23 - The one in which Ramsblood finally bites the dust…. Session 24 - The one in which Caldera turns up at the wrong game…
Session 25 - The one in which the party fight off demonic monks and the gnome's arm falls off…. Session 26 - The one in which Fitz turns to stone and spoons becone annoying….
Session 27 - The one in which Gabriel discovers he can run but he can't hide…. Session 28 - The one in which the gnome refused to take a card….
Session 29 - The one in which the gnome's leg falls off and Asreal considers running away.... Session 30 - The one in which the party decimate a hoard of demons and get the gem....
Session 31 - The one in which the gnome wishes he hadn't been eaten by a plant.... Session 32 - The one in which the gnome dies, comes back and Asreal discovers scythes hurt....
Session 33 - The one in which the gnome dies again, the party defend the castle again and Asreal sees his arse.... Session 34 - The one in which Asreal shares a fire with Duristanan Wyrmbreaker and a lot of giants die....
Session 35 - The one in which we hire Larry and Charles for a ghoulish job.... Session 36 - The one in which nobody knows who's who, Resurrection's a bitch....
Session 37 - The one in which we discover hobbit landlords are not what they seen.... Session 38 - The one in which the cellar bar gets trashed and we find Charles de Ghoul....
Session 39 - The one in which Fitz joins the party again, dies and comes back from the dead.... Session 40 - The one in which the party find the Death Knight's hidaway and runaway....
Session 41 - The one in which the party meet the king and tell him tails about cats.... Session 42 - The one in which the Papa Smurf gets hammered....
Session 43 - The one in which Asreal receives a stormy gift.... Session 44 - The one in which Scarntlat discovers the dictator of elder water is not what it seems....
Session 45 - The one in which Barry goes for a ride and Karl discovers he can hide but he can't run.... Session 46 - The one in which Dragotha meets its doom and the party find more gold than they have ever seen....
Session 47 - The one in which the Cleric of Dyslexia struggles with the ring of Mamott.... Session 48 - The one in which John the Bard returns to the fold and the party find the second Well of Tears....
Session 49 - The one in which the party steal some books and read while waiting for the apocalypse.... Session 50 - The one in which a lord gets blown up and we meet a crocheting fighter....
Session 51 - The one in which the battle of Caldor starts and Charles de Ghoul turns on the party.... Session 52 - The one in which the battle of Caldor ends with the death of Charles de Ghoul & the Death Knight....
Session 53 - The one in which the party decend in to the under city and take all the Tears from the first Well.... Session 54 - The one in which Saracen & Gabriel both die, again. Also the gnome don't smell to good....
Session 55 - The one in which the lich loses his jar, the gnome finds limbs, the some go to a tea party.... Session 56 - The one in which madness happens, soup, puppets on strings, mock turtles and much more....
Session 57 - The one in which more mad things happen and the other two heros fight off an old elf.... Session 58 - The one in which the Gnome & Fitz died and Asreal bags another dragon....
Session 59 - The one in which we fight a Balor and the cleric can't fathom the Blackbread mask.... Session 60 - The one in which the party complete the well and prepare for the fight of thier lives....
Session 61 - The one in which the party defeat Duristanan, but the worm survives to fight another day... Session 62 - The one in which the party defeat Duristanan & Father Llymic, sending them back to the far realms...

Session 63 - The End

The party have completed thier quest and the world is safe for now. Kloynerik, Rylarion and John the Bard are lost to the far realms. Arseal becomes lord of Shackletown and invites all to join his council. Scarntlat is made the high preist of Elhonna. Torvin makes a statue and the gnome starts a turnip cult.

Unfortunately character pass from this fantasy life in to death or worse. To to prevent them from passing in to obscurity their deeds and death are recorded in The Book of the Dead.