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Welcome to the Website of Digital Art


Allan Wiltshire

Here you will find galleries of some of my work. This work ranges from the classical landscapes and portraits you would expect from photography to the Digital Art work I have created.

I am an amateur photographer, based in Stockport near Manchester. I have been taking digital photographs for over ten years now, but I have only recently moved in to the field of Digital Art. I am an ex - member of the Stockport Art Guild. Some of my work has been on display in the Stockport Art Gallery.

I hope you enjoy this site. I will be adding new galleries from time to time, so please return to see my latest works.


New Galleries
Art at Chatsworth 2006
Crosby Sands - Anthony Gormley's Another Place
Art at Chatsworth 2008
Pauline Wiltshire's Abstract No. 3

If you have any comments about this site please feel free to email me at email and I will happily discuss them.


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